Collaboration in Construction Between Alumax Viet Nam and Prime Thai Nguyen

“Collaboration in Construction between Alumax and Prime Thai Nguyen at the Prime Thai Nguyen Twin Tower Project”

The goal is to create sophisticated, modern, and convenient structures that leave a unique architectural imprint in the real estate sector in the central area of Thái Nguyên city. On September 21, Alumax Vietnam Joint Stock Company and Prime Thai Nguyen Company Limited signed a contract for the Door package in the Prime Thai Nguyen Twin Tower project.

The direction is to turn the Prime Thai Nguyen Twin Tower into a focal point of architecture, embodying the unique beauty of the steel land. Therefore, the investor, Prime Thai Nguyen, has been meticulous in choosing finishing materials as well as construction contractors. The project covers an area of 6000m2 with a construction density of 63%. It is designed with 2 basement levels for parking, 4 standard international commercial center floors, and 02 high-rise towers (01 tower as a 5-star hotel and 01 tower as a high-end apartment block meeting Singapore standards).

Không gian phòng ngủ căn hộ

Bedroom Space in Apartments

Không gian phòng khách căn hộ

Living room space in the apartment

Vị trí vàng Tòa tháp đôi Prime Thái Nguyên

Prime Thai Nguyen Twin Tower’s prime location

Having surpassed numerous competitors in the field of construction and installation of doors, Alumax has been highly regarded and chosen by Prime Thai Nguyen to supply the door components for the entire project.

With years of experience in aluminum and glass doors, glass partitions, fire-resistant steel doors, fire-rated rolling doors, room dividers, etc., Alumax has gained the trust of many major domestic investors and customers in terms of product quality and construction progress. Some notable projects that Alumax has successfully executed include Vinpearl Hotel, VinUni University, S2.15; S2.17 Apartment Buildings, Hanoi Millennium Tower, and many more.

Phối cảnh của tòa tháp đôi Prime Thái Nguyên

Phối cảnh của tòa tháp đôi Prime Thái Nguyên

The collaboration between Alumax and Prime Thai Nguyen in the construction of the Twin Tower project involved Alumax providing consultation and proposing solutions for the door components. These solutions ensured structural stability, excellent thermal insulation, and soundproofing capabilities. Additionally, the materials used were carefully selected to meet the aesthetic requirements of the modern, luxurious, and high-end design of the project.

Hợp Tác Xây Dựng Giữa Alumax Và Prime Thái Nguyên

The leaders of Alumax and Prime Thai Nguyen have signed a contract.

The Prime Thai Nguyen Twin Tower project includes a variety of different types of doors, such as:

Nhôm Kogen và kính hộp Low E dùng cho cửa nhôm tại dự án

Kogen aluminum profiles and Low E box glass are used for aluminum doors in the project.

The aluminum doors are constructed using Kogen multi-chamber aluminum profiles, combined with imported AGC Low E box glass for optimal soundproofing and thermal insulation in the project. The metal accessories, branded as Cmech, are imported and meet the standards of the United States.

Phụ kiện Cmech dùng cho cửa nhôm

Cmech accessories are used for aluminum doors.

The interior wooden doors make use of Viet Power brand doors, which are made of MDF material with a laminate surface imported to meet the manufacturer’s quality standards.

Cửa gỗ VietPowerLãnh đạo & các thành viên của 2 đơn vị chụp ảnh lưu niệm

The leaders and members of both entities took commemorative photos.

After careful selection based on multiple criteria, Prime Thai Nguyen has chosen the Alux brand for their fire-resistant steel doors and fire-rated rolling doors for the project. Alux has successfully tested various models of large and complex fire-resistant doors, meeting the EI60 and EI90 standards according to the latest regulations of the Fire Prevention and Fighting Police Department and the Ministry of Construction. As a result, Alux fire-resistant doors have established a strong brand presence in the Vietnamese market.

A representative of Prime Thai Nguyen stated that the decision to collaborate with Alumax Vietnam for the entire door system is part of the company’s long-term strategy to make the Prime Twin Tower project a standout landmark in the city. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the long and successful partnership between Prime Thai Nguyen and Alumax Vietnam.

Having gone through numerous projects with strict requirements in terms of quality, aesthetics, and construction progress, Alumax approaches the Prime Thai Nguyen project with confidence in its capabilities, technical expertise, and supply capacity. The signing of this contract demonstrates the trust that domestic developers have in Alumax, further strengthening their position and paving the way for their continued growth and expansion in the door industry.



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