(From CafeF) On June 15, 2023, Alumax Vietnam Joint Stock Company organized a ceremony to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with distributors in the Southern region to leverage the development of Alumax Vietnam through the introduction of the “Alux Wood Grain Steel Door – Southern Expansion.”

The signing ceremony was attended by 20 representatives of distributors from provinces in the Southern region.

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Ready for Transformation

In the Northern market, Alux wood grain steel doors from Alumax Vietnam Joint Stock Company are already a familiar brand among consumers. Alumax Vietnam is one of the four major and most professional steel door manufacturers in Vietnam, and it is also a leading brand in terms of product quality.

Currently, amidst the global economic crisis where almost all construction investment projects are either temporarily halted or completely stopped, the demand for completing homes in suburban and outlying areas remains relatively high. Recognizing this as an opportunity and a way out for SMEs in the construction industry, Alumax Vietnam, along with 20 businesses from the Southern region, has collaboratively signed a strategic cooperation agreement to promote and bring the ALUX wood grain steel door product to consumers in the Southern market during the 2nd Vietbuild Ho Chi Minh exhibition in June 2023.”

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In preparation for this step, Alumax Vietnam outlined a strategy from the beginning of 2023 to penetrate, establish, and develop a network of agents and distributors to realize the goal of widely spreading the brand and bringing products to various rural areas in the Southern provinces. Alumax Vietnam has established a branch in Ho Chi Minh City, built a system of showrooms to showcase products, and set up a centralized warehouse in Thu Duc as a foundation to move forward with a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with distributors in the Southern region.

Focusing all resources

Sharing about the plan and objectives of the “Southern Expansion,” Mr. Tran Van Quang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alumax Vietnam Joint Stock Company, stated: “This collaboration will help Alumax expand its market and improve business efficiency. Distributors will also benefit from supplying high-quality products from Alumax. However, the most practical and important aspect is that customers in the Southern region will have access to Alumax’s high-quality products, convenience, and outstanding services at very reasonable prices.

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According to Mr. Quang, Alumax Vietnam’s “Southern Expansion” plan is encapsulated in three words: Connect – Expand – Reach. In reality, as Alumax Vietnam aims to expand in the Southern market, they need to build an extensive distribution network to harness strength collectively. Meanwhile, distributors in the Southern region already have existing relationships and sufficient capabilities to help Alumax access markets and reach a large number of customers, generating higher sales volumes.

In return, distributors will also benefit from dealing in high-quality products from Alumax. Apart from expanding their business product portfolio, distributors will be assured by Alumax Vietnam regarding a stable supply chain and product quality, enhancing the distributors’ reputation and reliability. This, in turn, instills confidence in customers when choosing products and services provided by Alumax.

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In addition to that, Alumax Vietnam also commits to sharing knowledge and experience by supporting distributors in training their staff, providing product orientation, supplying market information, consumer trends, along with analyzing evaluations and offering effective sales strategies. Simultaneously, enhancing understanding and applying targeted marketing and advertising methods help distributors strengthen communication to elevate the reputation of the products and services provided by Alumax, reaching new heights and expanding widely in the market.

Striving towards a common, singular goal.

Speaking about the common goal between Alumax Vietnam and distributors in the Southern region, Mr. Tran Anh Dung, representative of Dassdoor Distributor, notes:

“The collaboration between Alumax and distributors will bring many benefits to customers in the Southern region, firstly in the diversity of choices in Alux wood grain steel door products. Through distributors, consumers can find products that suit their needs, preferences, and budget without having to directly contact the manufacturer, saving a lot of time and effort in the shopping process.

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Collaboration and optimizing the supply chain will enable Alumax Vietnam and distributors to bring competitive products to the market with various promotional programs and excellent after-sales services, providing customers with peace of mind when using the service. In some cases, customers may also enjoy additional ‘customization’ services, such as proposing and requesting custom technical specifications for products according to their needs and preferences, even when executing regular projects or residential constructions.

Sharing about the signing ceremony, Mr. Tran Anh Dung emphasized: ‘Alumax has advantages in production, technology, and their products are also very good. Distributors, on the other hand, have experience, extensive market knowledge, and business acumen accumulated over decades. Therefore, this strategic collaboration will synergize the existing strengths, creating new power, serving as a lever for both parties to take further and more solid steps toward success.’

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