Annual Customer Conference 2022

On December 25, 2022, Alumax Vietnam Joint Stock Company held its Annual Customer Conference for the year 2022. During the event, the company introduced three new product lines to all valued customers and partners. The conference was a resounding success, bringing satisfaction to the attendees.

Hội Nghị Khách Hàng 2022

1. Introduction to Alumax Vietnam Joint Stock Company.

Alumax Vietnam Joint Stock Company was established in August 2009. Through years of construction and development, Alumax Vietnam has rapidly become a prominent player in the door industry, specializing in the manufacturing and installation of various high-end doors (aluminum-glass doors, wood-grain steel doors, fire-resistant steel doors, fire-resistant glass doors, etc.).

Furthermore, Alumax Vietnam is at the forefront of technology and is well-known among customers for its pioneering work in the field of aluminum and metal arch bending, serving the production of arched and curved doors.

In 2019, Alumax took the pioneering initiative to invest in an entirely new production line comprising 100% equipment from Bystronic, a renowned Swiss company. This investment was dedicated to the fabrication of wood-grain steel doors and fire-resistant steel doors under the brand Alux. With a team of experienced management professionals and highly skilled technical workforce, Alumax Vietnam has increasingly solidified its position in the field of door manufacturing and arch bending processing.

With the motto “Cooperation for Shared Success” and the direction of “Continuous Improvement,” Alumax Vietnam has been ceaselessly striving in terms of human resources and material capabilities. The company consistently takes the lead in technology and endeavors to build a reputable brand with customers through the supply of high-quality products.

Hội Nghị Khách Hàng Thường Niên 2022

2. The Annual Customer Conference 2022

The Annual Customer Conference of Alumax Vietnam took place at Mường Thanh Luxury Hotel in Ha Nam, aiming to honor outstanding partners of Alumax and unveil new product strategies for the year 2023.

The event space was adorned in the primary colors of the Alux logo, harmoniously blending red and white to add an extra touch of elegance to the ambiance.

At the Alumax conference, the company also introduced its customers to the new product line called ALUX PLUS++, which includes three new products:

2.1. Insulated Aluminum Products

Considered the most premium product line introduced by Alumax at this event, the insulated aluminum products represent the crystallization of science, precise engineering, and the dedication of Alumax’s technical teams. With nearly complete soundproofing and thermal insulation capabilities, these aluminum products meet the requirements for constructing high-end buildings, skyscrapers, large commercial centers, and upscale residences, where a significant portion of the surface is glass.

2.2. Industrial Wood Doors

Compared to the insulated aluminum product line, this is a cost-effective option suitable for various customer segments. When it comes to industrial wood interior materials, many people might associate them with less durable and inexpensive materials. However, the reality is quite different. Currently, there are many high-quality wood materials with excellent durability available on the market, commonly used in interior design. Examples include acrylic wood, laminate wood, melamine wood, or veneer wood.

2.3. Composite Plastic Doors

Composite plastic wood doors are a type of door manufactured from high-quality materials and are relatively new in the furniture market. They serve as alternatives to doors made from natural wood or industrial wood, becoming increasingly popular.

Featuring the appearance of a wooden door, similar to Alux’s wood-grain steel door product line, composite plastic wood doors are much lighter than traditional wooden doors. They address the weaknesses of wood by offering water resistance and fire resistance. These doors are suitable for use as main doors, bedroom doors, bathroom doors, and interior doors, among other applications.

3. The Annual Customer Conference 2022 Program of Alumax Vietnam

After exploring Alumax’s new products, customers will be guided by the organizing staff to their designated seats and the opening ceremony of the Annual Customer Conference 2022 will commence.

The conference was conducted remarkably successfully, fostering a strong bond with customers and partners, aligning perfectly with the conference’s slogan, “Unity – Collaboration – Sustainable Development.

Đón khách hàng

Đón khách hàng và trải nghiệm sản phẩm mới 20222

Welcoming customers and experiencing new products in 2022

Khai Mạc Hội Nghị

Conference Opening

Chiến Lược Sản Phẩm 2022

Product Strategy for 2022

Vinh Danh Đối Tác Xuất Sắc

Vinh Danh Đối Tác Xuất Sắc

Honoring Outstanding Partners

Khai tiệc

Khai tiệc

Banquet Opening

Ca nhạc + Trò chơi trúng thưởng

Music Concert + Prize-winning Games

Trao Quà Lưu Niệm

Trao Quà Lưu Niệm

Awarding Souvenirs

As the Annual Customer Conference 2022 comes to a close, it promises to bring much luck, a spirit of close collaboration, and further-reaching achievements. Alumax Vietnam Joint Stock Company hopes that the event has left everyone with many memories and unforgettable moments. Wishing all customers good luck and success!

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