Alumax Vietnam Joint Stock Company was established in August 2009. Over the course of more than 14 years of construction and development, Alumax Vietnam has grown to become a leading enterprise in the field of manufacturing and supplying comprehensive door solutions in Vietnam. With a focus on investing in human resources, physical resources, pioneering the application of new technologies, and building a reputable brand, Alumax Vietnam is confident in delivering high-quality products and premium services to its customers.

1. Vision

With the aspiration to forge its own path and stand out, Alumax Vietnam Joint Stock Company has implemented a comprehensive investment strategy, sustainable development, and continuous innovative renewal. The objective is to build a diverse and high-quality product ecosystem that meets the needs of customers while contributing to elevating the position of Vietnamese enterprises.

2. Mission

The mission of Alumax Vietnam is:

  • To provide leading, diverse, and high-quality door solutions that enhance the quality of life and security for customers.
  • To contribute to the sustainable development of the industrial sector and Vietnamese society through investment in and utilization of advanced technology.
  • To establish and maintain long-term and sustainable partnerships with customers, partners, and the community.
  • To create favorable conditions for the development and success of employees, fostering a professional work environment with talented and passionate staff.
  • To explore and apply innovative and pioneering solutions in the field of doors, delivering maximum value and benefits to customers and society.

3. Core value

  • Responsibility

Alumax Vietnam is committed to complying with and taking responsibility for its production and business activities to ensure a balance between business interests and the common good of the community.

  • Attentiveness

In production and business, Alumax Vietnam always takes meticulous care and handles customer-related matters with thoroughness to ensure absolute satisfaction.

  • Reliability

To build and reinforce trust with customers, Alumax Vietnam has established a system of control procedures to ensure the ability to fulfill commitments, guarantee the accuracy and reliability of information, products, or services, and comply with relevant regulations, rules, and standards.

  • Speed

Alumax Vietnam places great importance on speed in carrying out tasks, processing information, or delivering products and services within a certain timeframe. Speed is a prerequisite for Alumax Vietnam to flexibly meet market requirements and changes to gain a competitive advantage.

  • Compliance

In order to maximize the rights of workers and the benefits of customers, Alumax Vietnam consistently implements and complies with regulations on occupational safety, environmental protection, consumer rights, and related provisions.

In addition to achieving business objectives and providing the best products and services to customers, Alumax Vietnam also contributes to the overall development of the business community, associations, and actively participates in charitable and social activities, contributing to improving the quality of life and benefiting the community.


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