The Truth About Wood Veneer Fire Doors in Buildings

Let’s explore the truth about wood veneer fire doors in buildings with Alumax. When looking at the doors in apartments, buildings, or condominiums, have you ever been confused between steel doors and wooden doors, or steel doors with any other type of material?

See how fire-resistant steel doors transform and understand their functions in the article below !

Sự Thật Về Cửa Chống Cháy Vân Gỗ Trong Các Tòa Nhà

1. Fire-Resistant Wood Grain Steel Doors: Combining Aesthetics with Enhanced Safety

Fire-resistant steel doors surpass the typical steel panels, especially in the case of wood grain fire-resistant steel doors. Distinguished by a wide array of colors and wood grain patterns, these doors are crafted using advanced heat transfer technology. This production method results in natural wood-like colors, contributing to a sense of harmony, elegance, and sophistication within the architectural design.

Constructed with heat-resistant and load-bearing steel panels as their main components, wood grain fire-resistant steel doors are designed to maximize the safety of the building. These doors serve a multitude of purposes, including preventing the spread of fire, deterring theft, intrusion, and burglary.

In addition to possessing the aesthetic appeal of natural wood, wood grain fire-resistant steel doors excel in durability. The product incorporates anti-corrosion paint technology and modern processing techniques, providing protection against issues like rust, decay, warping, and color fading caused by temperature and weather conditions.

Moreover, these doors are environmentally friendly, creating a luxurious and inviting atmosphere without negatively impacting the environment.

Proper Installation of Wood Grain Fire-Resistant Steel Doors

Wood grain fire-resistant steel doors have gained popularity for both interior and exterior applications. To ensure a balance between aesthetic appeal and fire resistance, proper installation is paramount. Here are specific considerations:

2.1. Installation as Main Entrance Doors: Fire-resistant wood grain steel doors can be used as main entrance doors, elevating the overall visual appeal of the building.

Cửa vân gỗ chống cháy làm cửa chính

Fire-Resistant Wood Grain Doors: A Popular Choice for Main Entrance Doors

Fire-resistant wood grain doors have gained significant popularity as the preferred choice for main entrance doors in various structures such as villas, high-rise buildings, and more. This product has gradually replaced wooden doors, emerging as the top choice for homeowners. When used as the main entrance door for a villa, you can opt for a 2-panel fire-resistant wood grain door. For condominiums, a single-panel fire-resistant wood grain door offers a neat and elegant appearance.

2.2. Fire-Resistant Wood Grain Doors as Emergency Exit Doors

Cửa vân gỗ chống cháy làm cửa thoát hiểm

Emergency exit doors in modern apartment buildings and high-rise structures are predominantly made of fire-resistant steel. However, some luxury condominiums have started opting for fire-resistant wood grain doors to enhance the elegance and prestige of the building. Serving as emergency exit doors, wood grain fire-resistant doors are often equipped with fire-resistant glass for easy observation.

2.3. Installation of Wood Grain Fire-Resistant Doors in Living Rooms and Bedrooms

In upscale villas and townhouses, fire-resistant doors are also utilized as doors for living rooms and bedrooms. For these spaces, it is advisable to choose wood grain fire-resistant doors with wood grain colors that harmonize with the interior design style. If the area features numerous natural or faux wood products, ensure that the wood grain colors complement each other to create an eye-catching overall aesthetic.

Cửa vân gỗ chống cháy lắp đặt trong phòng ngủ

2.4. Installation of Wood Grain Fire-Resistant Doors in Bathrooms and Restrooms

Some families prefer the warmth of wood tones. However, installing wooden doors in humid spaces like bathrooms and restrooms can lead to rapid deterioration. In such cases, fire-resistant wood grain doors are a suitable choice. They ensure safety while providing the cozy beauty of natural wood. With modern technologies, wood grain fire-resistant doors have high water and moisture resistance.

Fire-resistant steel doors serve as protective equipment for buildings in the event of a fire. Their role in residential buildings, shopping centers, hotels, and other establishments is indispensable.

Wood grain fire-resistant doors not only fulfill the functional aspects of a passageway but also ensure exceptional safety during fire incidents. These doors act as barriers, containing and minimizing the spread of fire in specific areas for a minimal duration. This facilitates easy evacuation of people and minimizes damage to life and property.



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