Should buy fire-resistant steel doors?

Fire-resistant steel doors are one of the commonly used door types in public buildings, factories, warehouses, etc. However, when deciding to purchase, many people still have concerns about the effectiveness and safety of this product, leading to the question of whether or not to buy fire-resistant steel doors.

The structure of fire-resistant steel doors

The structure of a fire-resistant steel door includes the door frame, casing, and door leaf. The primary materials composing a fire-resistant steel door are standard steel sheets and a fire-resistant core consisting of glass wool, fiberglass fabric, and Magnesium oxide. Depending on the type of door or usage requirements, different materials may be used to achieve fire resistance effectively. However, fundamentally, the door still comprises the following components:

  1. Door Frame: Constructed from a steel sheet with a thickness ranging from 1.2 to 2.0mm, coated with electrostatic paint.
  2. Door Leaf: The door leaf is composed of three layers:
    • Two outer layers made of steel sheets with a thickness of 0.8 to 1.2mm, suitable for fire resistance standards, providing solidity and durability to the door set.
    • Between the two steel layers of the door leaf is the core layer of fire-resistant material. It can be constructed from materials with non-flammable and low thermal conductivity properties at temperatures below 1000 degrees Celsius

  • Gaskets: This is the seal around the door leaf and includes two types. One is a rubber gasket designed to provide smoothness when opening and closing the door, and the other is an expanding gasket (folding 20 to 30 times normal size) that expands under high temperatures, preventing fire and smoke from escaping the safe area.Accessories: Depending on the location where the fire-resistant steel door is installed, various accessories are used, such as latch handles, or pull/push handles, to facilitate quick evacuation.

    Hydraulic closer: This is an essential and indispensable part of a fire-resistant steel door because it ensures that the door remains closed, ensuring absolute safety for people during evacuation in the event of a fire.

    In addition, to complete a set of fire-resistant steel doors, there are other accessory types such as locks, handles, emergency bars, etc. These accessories are typically made of steel or stainless steel to provide robustness to the door.

    Should You Buy a Fire-Resistant Steel Door?

    Fire-resistant doors play a crucial role in minimizing risks and damages when a fire occurs. These doors are often installed in locations such as stairwells, engine rooms, emergency exits, to prevent the spread of smoke and fire. Nowadays, fire-resistant steel doors are widely used in homes and are mandatory in buildings, skyscrapers, offices due to the benefits they bring.

Firstly, fire-resistant steel doors have effective fire resistance due to the strong load-bearing steel material and better fire resistance compared to wooden doors. This helps minimize the impact of the fire and ensures the absolute safety of lives and property.

Secondly, fire-resistant steel doors also have excellent smoke prevention capabilities in case of a fire. Modern design along with advanced manufacturing technology helps the rubber gasket of the door to expand, creating a barrier in the smoke-pushing area and the outside environment, minimizing the spread of smoke and protecting human health.

Thirdly, fire-resistant steel doors provide high safety during use. They have the ability to resist any unauthorized intrusion from the outside, ensuring the absolute safety of your home.

Fourthly, fire-resistant steel doors have good sound insulation capabilities due to high-quality steel material, helping minimize noise from the outside and providing a comfortable living space.

Fifthly, fire-resistant steel doors bring perfect aesthetic value to the space thanks to modern embossing technology and advanced powder coating. You can design in any color or pattern you like, creating an exceptionally beautiful steel door surface.

Finally, the fire-resistant steel door products from Alumax Vietnam exhibit superior durability over time, reducing the need for maintenance and ensuring continuous operation for an extended period.

In summary, fire-resistant steel doors provide numerous benefits in terms of safety, energy efficiency, and aesthetics, making them suitable for various construction projects and living spaces.



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