– Entrepreneur Tran Van Quang and the journey of building the Alumax Vietnam door brand

Mr. Tran Van Quang was born in Dai Thanh, Hiep Hoa, Bac Giang. He left high school in 1997 and pursued studies in Civil Engineering at the University of Transport and Communications. In 2003, Mr. Quang joined a leading aluminum and glass door company in the Northern region with the desire to work in a dynamic environment, including foreign elements, to enhance his experience.

However, here, Mr. Quang found a path that suited himself!

Doanh nhân Trần Văn Quang

With a sharp mindset and visionary thinking, Mr. Tran Van Quang identified that “aluminum and glass doors will sooner or later become a trend in the future.” And that is precisely the driving force behind the official establishment of Alumax Vietnam Joint Stock Company.

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