Selling Address of Composite Doors

Selling Genuine Composite Doors Address:

Alumax Vietnam Joint Stock Company Distributes Genuine Composite Doors

Headquarters: 70 Nam Duong Street – Group 20 – Thượng Thanh Ward – Long Bien District – Hanoi.

Factory 1: 1 Alley 484 – Ha Huy Tap Street – Yen Vien – Gia Lam – Hanoi.

Factory 2: 25/8 A1 – Nguyen Thi Thu Street – Hamlet 3 – Xuan Thoi Son – Hoc Mon – Ho Chi Minh City.

Factory 3: Kim Binh Industrial Cluster – Kim Binh – Kim Bang – Ha Nam.

Business Registration Number: 0104131984 – Date of Issue: 27/08/2009

Hotline: 0961.362.362 – 02477.79.79.79


Composite Wood Plastic Doors are made from a material called Wood Plastic Composite. This is a synthetic material created by mixing natural wood powder, stone powder, and PVC plastic beads, along with some cellulose-based additives to enhance the strength of the door.

It can be said that the appearance of Composite faux wood doors is a new step in interior design and construction. This product line is considered environmentally friendly by utilizing surplus wood sources in the production of natural wood furniture to create materials. This not only helps improve the ecological balance of natural forests but also diversifies the raw materials for the door manufacturing industry.

In addition, Composite doors have many superior advantages over other wooden and plastic door models on the market, such as:

  • Absolute water resistance, no warping, shrinking, decay, mold, or cracking. This ensures long-term durability.
  • Designed with a robust rubber gasket system, ensuring smooth opening and closing. Consequently, excellent insulation and soundproofing capabilities.
  • Diverse in terms of designs, styles, colors, and wood-pattern imitations. This makes it suitable for various interior design styles, meeting the usage needs and aesthetic preferences of different investors.
  • Minimizes the risk of fire spreading in case of a fire incident. Thus, enhancing safety and reducing consequences in case of risk.
  • Does not attract dust, easy to clean and maintain, keeping the door shiny and preserving the aesthetic appeal of the living space.

Selling Address of Composite Doors

1.Basic Structure of Composite Plastic Doors

The composite plastic door leaf is 40 mm thick and consists of :

    • Surface Layer: The surface of the composite plastic door comprises two layers of PVC film, providing durability, colorfastness, resistance to warping, and waterproofing.
    • Inner Layer: Inside, there is a layer of composite wood plastic, composed of plastic wood, adhesive wood, and various additives, compressed and molded into a panel.
    • Modern Machinery Integration: State-of-the-art machinery is employed to connect and compress the layers, ensuring a strong adhesion for the composite plastic door.
    • Surface Detail: The door surface is adorned with raised molding, and customizable glass openings can be added as per specific requirements.
    • Composite Plastic Door Samples

2.Images of Alux Manufacturing Plant

Alux's Factory

Alux's Factory

Alux's Factory

Alux's Factory

2. Certificate of Alux’s products

Giấy Chứng Nhận Iso

Giấy Chứng Nhận TCVN

Giấy Chứng Nhận PCCC

Bảng Kê Phương Tiện PCCC

Bảng Kê Phương Tiện PCCC

4.Tips for Choosing a Reliable Composite Plastic Door Supplier

Many Vietnamese families are in need of purchasing composite plastic doors but struggle to find a trustworthy supplier. In this article, we share some experiences and criteria to help you evaluate a reliable composite plastic door vendor.

  • Professional Installation Team: Reputable companies have professionally trained installation teams. Such teams ensure quick and accurate installation, providing effective use for customers.
  • Discount Programs: Established and experienced companies often organize discount programs and attractive offers. Especially, significant discounts are provided for bulk purchases.
  • Product Return Policy: Companies committed to customer satisfaction offer a product return policy within a specific timeframe. This assurance provides peace of mind for customers.
  • Customizable Door Designs: In addition to offering ready-made door models, many companies fulfill customer demands for custom door manufacturing. You can request specific dimensions and colors tailored to your preferences.
  • Competitive Pricing: Trustworthy companies always provide competitive pricing to offer the best support for customers. It’s advisable not to be overly attracted to extremely low prices from unreliable sources to avoid potential issues.



Headquater: No.70 Nam Duong str, Thuong Thanh ward, Long Bien distric, Hanoi city.

Hotline: 0961 362 362


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