Fire-resistant Steel Doors: Safe and Reliable

Fire-resistant steel doors have become one of the top choices for various constructions and buildings. With their fire-resistant features and high durability, manufacturers have demonstrated that fire-resistant steel doors are not only safe but also exceptionally reliable, surpassing other types of doors

Requirements for Fire-Resistant Steel Doors

Fire-resistant doors play a crucial role in saving lives and minimizing property damage by providing a safe exit and preventing smoke and fire when necessary. These components are individually tested by recognized authorities and labeled, categorized for use in fire-resistant door assemblies. Therefore, in practical conditions, fire-resistant steel doors must meet the following basic requirements


  • The door must be fire-rated (60, 90, 120 minutes) and certified (for that specific door model) by the Fire Department.
  • Fire-resistant door products must meet safety regulations for human life or current building codes.
  • The fire-resistant door should have the ability to self-close and positively latch.
  • The fire resistance level of the wall is regulated according to the door’s fire resistance rating.

Fire-Resistant Steel Doors: Safe and Reliable

Fire Resistance Capability:

This is the foremost feature to mention, as the fire-resistant steel door is structurally and uniquely designed primarily for this characteristic. The door frame is constructed with a steel sheet ranging from 1.2 to 2.0mm in thickness, coated with electrostatic paint. The door leaf (the most crucial part) is composed of three layers, with the outer layers made of steel sheets with thicknesses ranging from 0.8 to 1.2mm. Between the two door leaves is a fire-resistant core system tasked with enhancing soundproofing, insulation, and fire resistance.

Alongside this is the fire-resistant gasket system (aimed at sealing gaps to prevent smoke from spreading during a fire) and the hydraulic door closer, which is also a crucial component, ensuring the door remains closed to guarantee absolute safety for individuals during evacuation in the unfortunate event of a fire.


High Longevity, Prolonged Use: Crafted from premium-grade steel, fire-resistant steel doors are exceptionally durable, capable of withstanding risks posed by large flames or external factors. According to experts, these doors can undergo multiple inspections while maintaining excellent quality. Despite being more expensive than other door types, fire-resistant steel doors remain highly favored.

Easy Maintenance, Shape Stability: In contrast to conventional wooden doors, which tend to age, decay, and become susceptible to pests over time, the surface of fire-resistant steel doors is coated with electrostatic paint, enhancing the door leaf’s durability. The paint coating facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, minimizing corrosion during use. Additionally, the installation, repair, and maintenance of these doors are straightforward, requiring minimal time and effort.

This is a notable advantage of fire-resistant steel doors compared to other door types, especially in the hot and humid climate of our country with frequent rainfall. Temperature fluctuations that cause warping or cracking, resulting in a loss of size, technical specifications, and aesthetic appeal, do not affect fire-resistant steel doors. This directly impacts the quality and, most importantly, the primary function of fire resistance.

Ensuring Safety, Burglar Resistance: Safety is the primary reason why fire-resistant steel doors are the top choice for those looking to install fire-resistant doors. With a robust steel frame and surface, fire-resistant steel doors pose a significant obstacle to any potential intruder.

Thermal and Sound Insulation: Overall, fire-resistant doors exhibit better thermal and sound insulation capabilities compared to other door types, effectively blocking heat and minimizing noise transfer between rooms. Another reason is that, when subjected to the impact of heat, the rubber seals expand, creating a barrier between the smoke zone and the external environment. This not only reduces damage caused by smoke but is also crucial for saving lives.

Competitive Cost: This is a significant benefit when installing fire-resistant steel doors, even though some may argue that purchasing steel doors is expensive. However, considering their long lifespan and minimal repair costs, it’s a worthwhile investment. Therefore, it’s advisable to consider spending more to acquire high-quality, safe products rather than opting for low-quality options with lower initial costs.

These are the advantages of fire-resistant doors that we wanted to share with you. We hope that the information provided can help you and your family choose the best quality and safe products.



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