Exchange/Return Policy

Committed to bringing quality products to the market while building, perfecting, and optimizing the service system. Alumax Vietnam consistently provides the best conditions for customers to own/exchange/return products, ensuring maximum benefits when using Alumax Vietnam’s products/services.

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Here are some exchange/return policies of Alumax:

  1. Cases eligible for product exchange/return:

    • The delivered product does not match the type, model the customer ordered.
    • The delivered product is insufficient in quantity/structure/components as per the order.
    • The product is dented, deformed, or broken during transportation.
    • Warranty information is unclear or inconsistent with Alumax Vietnam’s policies.
    • The product has defects, malfunctions, is inoperable, or is objectively damaged (but within the warranty scope).
  2. Cases not eligible for product exchange/return:

    • Products not manufactured by Alumax Vietnam.
    • Customer non-compliance with usage instructions causing damage.
    • Beyond the warranty period or failure to follow warranty instructions.
    • Returned items with issues arising from the transportation process.

We hope that this exchange/return policy will bring satisfaction to the customers of Alumax Vietnam. Please contact us for additional information or to address any questions.

For direct and prompt assistance, please contact our Hotline at 0961 362 362.

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